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Our selection of fruit trees and soft fruit bushes can be accessed through our shop on line  and you can now pre-order for the new season. Our speciality is heritage fruit trees from the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale Farm.

Heritage Fruit Trees

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Issac Newton, just one of our varieties of Heritage fruit trees.
Issac Newton, just one of our varieties of Heritage fruit trees.

We can supply a selection of rare Heritage fruit trees from the home of the National Fruit Collection.

We have been working our way through the 4000 strong collections on site at Brogdale and have developed a number of unique trees. Some of our historic varieties taste really good.

One which stands out is the Isaac Newton tree – the original tree associated with Sir Isaac Newton’s observations on gravity stood in the garden of his home – Woolsthorpe Manor, near Grantham. The original tree is said to have fallen in a storm in 1814, has subsequently regrown on the site and is there to this day.

Through the years grafts from the original tree have moved to East Malling and Brogdale to be part of the National Fruit Collection and some graft wood now has been sent into space as a genetic resource to be discovered by other potential civilisations!

The variety is believed have a synonym – the Flower of Kent, which was described by Hogg in 1875 as ‘a first rate kitchen apple’.

We can supply trees of the Isaac Newton variety as well as many other historically important trees.


Trained Fruit Trees

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A double, double espalier, just one example of our trained trees.
A double, double espalier, just one example of trees that can be trained from one of our maidens

Visit the ‘Grow’ Garden Centre at Brogdale Farm, Faversham, to see our current stock of trained fruit trees.

We are the premier supplier of trained fruit across London and the South East.

Espaliers, Fans, Cordons, Step-overs. If it is possible we will grow it. We advise on all aspects of training fruit. Contact us for our latest stock, it’s always changing.

The trees are trained to grow flat against walls or fences. They have branches that grow to the left and the right of the trunk, rather than all round it.

Trained fruit trees were often used in traditional kitchen gardens and are suitable for smaller garden and patios.

Espalier trees have branches trained horizontally to the left and right of the stem to make a compact, but productive tree that is easier to prune and harvest.