Potted Espaliers now available

Current stock of our potted trained trees.

Available to reserve, and collect or have delivered at a charge, at a convenient date for you.

This list is subject to sales please click on the relevant variety to check availability. This list is updated weekly.

Espaliers Apples
Beauty of Bath MM106
Cornish Gilliflower MM106
Court Pendu Plat MM106
Early Victoria MM106
Belle De Boskoop MM106
Knobby Russet MM106
Peasgood Nonsuch MM106
Lord Lambourne MM106
Red Falstaff MM106
Red Pippin MM106
Ribston Pippin MM106
Somerset Redstreak MM106
Tydemans Late Orange MM106
Fans  Cherries
Morello COLT
Sunburst COLT
Sweetheart COLT
Espaliers  Pears
Louis Bonne of Jersey
Fans  Plums, Damsons, Gages