Espaliers now available

A wide range of potted espaliers, grown here at Brogdale.

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Variety Type Pollination Group
Adam’s Pearmain Eater B Espalier
Beauty of Bath Eater A Espalier
Bloody Ploughman Eater B Espalier
Bountiful Cooker B Espalier
Braeburn Eater D Espalier
Bramley Cooker B Espalier
Cornish Aromatic Eater D Espalier
Coronation Eater D Espalier
Court Pendu Plat Eater E Espalier
Cox’s Orange Pippin Eater C Espalier
Crispin Dual C Espalier
Discovery Eater C Espalier
Edward VII Cooker E Espalier
Egremont Russet Eater A Espalier
Ellison’s Orange Eater   D    (SF) Espalier
Golden Pippin Eater B Espalier
Grenadier Cooker B Espalier
Idared Eater B Espalier
Jupiter Eater B Espalier
Katy Eater B Espalier
Keswick Codlin Cooker B Espalier
Kidd’s Orange Red Eater B Espalier
Knobby Russet Eater B Espalier
Lord Derby Cooker   D    (SF) Espalier
Lord Lambourne Eater A Espalier
Norfolk Royal Russet Eater B Espalier
Spartan Eater C Espalier
Sunset Eater   C   (SF) Espalier
Tydeman’s Late Orange Eater D Espalier
Beurre Hardy Eater D Espalier
Concorde  Eater D   (SF) Espalier