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Graft your own variety

Grafting service

We undertake grafting single individual trees as well as contracts on a large scale. Recently we have been working with various Wildlife Trusts, the National Trust and the Duchy of Cornwall.

We can meet all your requirements whether you need small dwarf trees for your garden, or a whole orchard of traditional heritage trees or local varieties.We have fruit catalogued County by County across the UK and into Europe and can advise on pollination, design and layout.

Sometimes we get requests to graft trees other than fruit, we are always happy to discuss your requirements.

Our team of experts will graft any tree from the National Fruit Collection just for you, perhaps as a special gift, a namesake, or a childhood favourite…

Please contact us by the 5th January 2023  if you wish to place an order for grafted trees which will be ready for delivery November 2023

Contact the team: 01795 531888   or email: