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Orchard Planning

Need help planting your apple trees? We can give you expert advice – from planting a fruit tree in your garden to planning and planting an apple orchard. Whether you’re a home gardener or professional grower, contact us to discuss your project.


Orchard Planning

orchard planningOur skilled team of horticultural fruit experts will help you create a fruitscape that suits your lifestyle, budget and ideas, whilst maximising the yield and success of growing fruit, no matter what your available space.

Integrating seasonal difference and colour is essential to the enjoyment of a fruiting space..providing a garden to be enjoyed and indulged throughout the year.

We will carry out an initial visit and consultation on request, discuss your requirements with you, and then follow with a quotation. After any amendments and your final agreement we will carry out the project using our own staff, alongside our partner landscaping contractors and any of our approved suppliers where necessary.

We are leading suppliers of trained fruit in the south east and have a skilled team who can install espaliers, fans, cordons, etc.

Soil Testing

soil_testingrTo promote good growing conditions in your garden and to ensure you get the very best out of your fruit trees and vegetables we offer a unique mail-order analysis service.

Monitoring PH to determine the soil acidity or alkalinity is extremely important. Certain plants will just not survive under the wrong conditions. This pack contains full instructions on how to correctly take a soil sample from your garden, a sample bag and pre-paid envelope. Our service will provide you with a full laboratory report on the PH, P, K and Mg available in your soil along with fertiliser recommendations and a 3 year application suggestion.

Suitable for the back gardener and serious grower alike.

A single test is £20, please contact us if you are a grower and we have further services available.