Plum trees potted ready for collection September onwards

We have a number of potted plum trees which will be ready for collection from September onwards.

You can reserve them now, by clicking on the links below.

Plum Tree  Availability  Ready for Collection September onwards
Half Standard Trees Potted Pollination Group £40.00
Avalon 1 B
Belle de Louvain 1 B
Coes Golden Drop 3 C
Excalibur 2 C
Jubilee 2 B (SF)
Marjories Seedling 2 C (SF)
Old English Greengage 1 C
Victoria 3 B (SF)
Fan Trained Plum trees Potted Pollination Group £60.00
Belle De Louvain 1 B
Excalibur 1 C
Marjories Seedling 1 C(SF)
Old English Greengage 2 C