Crab Apples BARE ROOT PRE ORDER for winter Half Standards


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A wide selection of half standard crab apple trees bare root.

Choose from the following varieties.  Please ring us on 0795531888 to order

Butter ball – large yeild fruits

Cheales – large red fruits

Dr Moerland – split red leaf

Eleyi – deep red fruits, red leaf

Everest – orange striped fruits

Floribunda – red/yellow fruit

Golden Hornet – golden fruits

Gorgeous – large red fruits

John Downie – Large orange fruits

Liset – dark red fruits

Maypole – deep pink blossom

Neville Copeman – large red-purple fruit

Profusion Improved – small dark fruits

Red Sentinal – bright red fruits

Red Jade – small red fruits

Royality – purple leaf/red purple fruit

Royal Beauty – red leaf

Rudolph – green leaf red tips

Tchnoski – red leaf

Van Eseltine – red/green leaf

Sunrival – small yellow fruit

Sylvestris – English malus

Wisley – apple size fruits.