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Pilgrim produces one of the largest and reddest fruits of any cranberry.  It has a low growing spreading habit with attractive bronze coloured evergreen leaves – leathery in texture – that turn a rich red in autumn and winter.  Pink red flowers in midsummer are followed by glossy, dark red berries with a distinctive tart flavour.

Ideal for culinary use in sauces, compotes or juicing.  The berries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.  Suited to container growing and will also do very well in hanging baskets that suits its cascading habit.  Pilgrim is one of the few cranberries that does not require boggy, saturated soil to produce high yields, acidic soil however is essential.

Where conditions allow, Pilgrim will grow into an attractive sprawling and ornamental plant giving excellent ground coverage.  Eventual height: 30cm (12”).  Eventual spread: 75cm (30”).  Cropping season: late September/October.  Self fertile, but the presence of a pollinator will encourage a greater yield.

Plant 1.5m (5ft) apart in rows 2m (6ft) apart.


Prepare area before planting by digging over and mixing organic manure or compost into the top soil.  Plant as soon as possible after purchase, provided weather conditions are suitable.  Soak the root-ball before planting.  Plant in moist peaty acid soil or in containers with ericaceous compost.

After Care:

Mulch yearly with well rotted compost or manure to retain moisture and suppress weeds.  Cut out some of the larger stems to ground level after harvesting.