Egremont Russet


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Golden russet, richly flavoured, medium sized fruit. A good cropper, hardy and resistant to scab. Compact growth and suitable for pot culture. The flowers are tolerant of late frosts. UK 1872.  Excellent for juicing.  Self-sterile

Type – Eater

Pick – October

Store – December

Group – B(2)

Pollination Partners

Beauty of Bath, Bountiful, Fortune,  Gravestein (Green), Gravenstein (Red), Lord Lambourne, Adams Pearmain, Arthur Turner, Belle De Boskoop, Bens Red, Blenheim Orange, Bloody Ploughmans, Bramley Seedling, Bramley 20, Charles Ross, Cox Self Fertile, Devonshire Quarrenden, Golden Noble, Greenadier, Idared, Jupiter, Katy, Keswick Codlin, Kidds Orange Red, Norfolk Royal RussetRev W Wilkes, Ribston Pippin, Rosemary RussetVista Bella, Worcester Pearmain, Gorgeous (Malus), Pink Glow (Malus), Guardsman (Malus), John Downie (Malus),