General information on cherries



     Some General Information on Cherries


Bare root trees should be planted in the bare root season. This is usually November to

March but it does depend on the climate. In some seasons trees have not been lifted

from the nursery until late December, thus shortening the bare root season.

However potted trees can be planted all year round with the exception of July and

August when the weather could be too hot. In this case they can be left in pots, well

watered until the weather cools down a little.


Most cherries are ready to pick over the months of June/July.


Only prune during the summer months, July August and September.

Planting Location

Cherries thrive well in a sunny spot.

Tree Form

We supply cherry trees either as Maidens, Bushes, Half Standards or Fan trained.

Growing Tips

Protect the cherries from birds when they start to ripen . A good product to help

is  “CherryAid”. See the information on the product CherryAid