Gravenstein (green)




Triploid, said to have originated either in the garden of the Duke of Augustenberg, Castle of Graefenstein, Schleswig-Holstein, or in Italy or Souther Tyrol and sent to Schleswig-Holstein. It is thought to have arrived in Denmark about 1669. fruits have crisp,rather course textured juicy flesh with a pleasant mixture of sweetness and sharpness with a distinctive flavour.

Type Dual

Pick September

Group A(1)

Pollination Partners

Beauty of Bath, Bountiful, Fortune, Egremont RussetGravenstein (Red), Lord Lambourne, Adams Pearmain, Arthur Turner, Belle De Boskoop, Bens Red, Blenheim Orange, Bloody Ploughmans, Bramley Seedling, Bramley 20, Charles Ross, Cox Self Fertile, Devonshire QuarrendenGolden Noble, Greenadier, Idared,  Jupiter, Katy, Keswick Codlin, Kidds Orange Red, Norfolk Royal RussetRev W Wilkes, Ribston Pippin, Rosemary Russet, Spartan, Vista Bella, Worcester Pearmain, Gorgeous (Malus), Pink Glow (Malus), Guardsman (Malus), John Downie (Malus),

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