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Grow Grafting Service – A specialist service unique to Brogdale. Please read the full description below, watch the video and download the PDF document to fully understand how to order this product.

Note: The rootstock is the size of the tree I.e, MM106, which can be selected from our chart. If you are unsure as to the best rootstock to suit your needs add a comment, for example “to grow in a pot” or “to grow on heavy clay” we can then select the best rootstock.

Graft details

Please enter rootstock and variety (see description panel below for details). If you don’t know the rootstock then please add a comment about where you wish to grow the tree.

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Graft orders can be accepted until the end of January 2018

There are two types of grafting we carry out; “own wood” where you can send in your pruning’s and we graft onto this, or grafting from the National Fruit Collection.

Here is a link to the National Fruit Collection database, which will allow you to choose the tree that you would like grafted.

The information we need to complete a graft is:

1. Which rootstock? – Follow this link for more information on selecting rootstock
2. Which variety? – Use the National Fruit Collection search link to find the name of the fruit
3. How many?

The cost to graft is £35.00 each regardless of it being an “own wood” or a graft from the National Fruit Collection.

Grow Grafting Service – Download the document – A specialist service unique to Brogdale

Important note: All orders accepted are subject to graft wood being available from the National Fruit Collection and own graft wood supplied being of good quality. We will refund any payments made should we be unable to proceed with your graft. Our success rate is very high but in the unlikely event of a graft failing, we will be happy to attempt to re-graft your chosen variety the following season free of charge or offer a 50% refund of the grafting fee £17.50/tree.

Graft orders can be accepted until the end of January 2018

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