Raspberries – Joan J POTTED 10 canes.


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An outstanding variety, fruiting on the first years growth, heavy cropper of juicy sweet tasting berries, that are much larger than Autumn Bliss and with a superior colour and flavour. Long cropping period from July through to October, freezes exceptionally well. Spine free. Highly recommended.


Plant 45cm (18in) apart in rows 1.2m (4ft) apart.

Plant in a sheltered spot in a well-drained but moist, fertile soil in full sun or light shade.

Soak the roots before planting.  Mix an organic soil improver and general fertiliser with the infill soil. Water regularly until established.

After care:
Fruit is produced on the current seasons cane. Cut all canes to ground level in the winter.  Remove unwanted canes in the Spring.