Vigo Classic Crusher


SKU: Crusher


The classic crusher fits directly over the press blanket of the 12,20 & 36 litre cross beam presses for swift and efficient crushing over a 27.5 litre bucket for use with the 9 litre or 12 litre Spindle Press. Drop halved or quartered apples into the hopper, turn the wheel and out comes the fruit crushed ready for pressing. The robust, cast iron hand-wheel builds up terrific momentum and makes crushing much easier than economy models.

* 2 year Guarantee
* Robust, cast iron hand-wheel and oak frame
* Stainless steel hopper with wooden hand-rest
* Easy to clean
* Contra-rotating shafts with alternating serrated rollers and hooked blades – all made from high-grade stainless steel
* Height: 28cm (11″) Width: 42cm (16 1/2″) Length: 60cm (23 3/4″) Weight: 8.8kg (19 1/2 lbs)

Lead time for delivery 7-10 days