A happy cherry grower!

quotes“They were very easy to put on the tree and I could place them in any position on the branch. It worked really well, in the past I have had to pick the cherries as soon when they were bright red (to beat the birds) but this year I was able to leave them to go really dark. “

Here is what Gary Rhodes OBE says about us…

quotes“Our heritage fruit trees are such an important part of who we are and the only way of conserving them is by planting them! When you go into supermarkets and see maybe only two or three different varieties of apples and pears and all the imported plums and cherries you just know that we should keep buying British, so as not to carry the fear of our delicious fruits disappearing forever. By planting our heritage trees we can preserve them for future generations, and the beauty of the trees and wonderful flavour they create can be enjoyed by us all. Grow at Brogdale are supplying heritage fruit trees and bushes that are all sourced  from the national fruit collection thereby offering the public the chance not only to help preserve our fruit heritage but to enjoy varieties not generally available in our shops and supermarkets today. I feel that this can only be a good thing and encourage you to try the wonderful old fruit varieties available”.

Celebrity chef James Martin said the following about Brogdale

quotes“A real treasure trove with 650 varieties of native, English apple trees, many of which Brogdale is the only location in the world they are grown.” He went on to say “The work they do here at Brogdale is crucial if we are to preserve a living link with our heritage. I love what Brogdale are doing.”