Sweet Alford


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One of the best cider apples, Sweet Alford  is a  good quality pure sweet juice. Trees are large and upright, giving good crops of sweet, crisp, juicy apples, which can also be eaten.


Type -Cider

Pick – November

Group  – A (1)

Pollination Partners

Beauty of Bath, Bountiful, Fortune, Egremont Russet, Gravestein (Green), Lord Lambourne, Adams Pearmain, Arthur Turner, Belle De Boskoop, Blenheim Orange, Bloody Ploughmans, Bramley Seedling, Bramley 20Cox Self Fertile, Devonshire Quarrenden, Golden Noble, Greenadier, Idared, Jupiter, Katy, Keswick Codlin, Kidds Orange Red, Norfolk Royal Russet, Rev W Wilkes, Ribston Pippin, Rosemary Russet, Vista Bella, Worcester Pearmain, Gorgeous (Malus), Pink Glow (Malus), Guardsman (Malus), John Downie (Malus),