Famiy Tree Grafted to Order




If you are looking for something special, why not order a bespoke tree?  We can “graft” a tree especially for you, whether it is a variety that you have fallen in love with from the National Fruit Collection or from a special tree you wish to preserve at home, we can help.

Grafting is a centuries old horticultural technique, where a piece of wood (scion) is taken from the “Mother” tree in the Winter and joined onto a rootstock.  By grafting the tree you are creating a brand new one that shares exactly the same DNA as it’s parent!  

If you are looking for something a little different, why not consider a family apple or pear tree.  A tree with three different varieties growing on it!

The cost to graft a family tree is £75.00 on MM106  rootstock for apples.

The trees are grafted in the Winter with your new tree being available the following Autumn.  A little while to wait but as with all good things – worth it!

Additional information

Family Trees

Saturn, Tydemans Early Worcester,Tydemans Late Orange on MM106 rootstock, Adams Pearmain, Bramley 20, Spartan on MM106 rootstock, Ellisons Orange, St Edmunds Pippin, Tydemans Early Worcester on MM106 rootstock, Bountiful, Laxtons Superb, Newton Wonder, on MM106 rootstock, Annie Elizabeth, Egremont Russet, Howgate Wonder on MM106 rootstock, Currently Pear Family trees out of stock