Grow fruit, love fruit and contribute to a greener more sustainable planet


Grow at Brogdale is a specialist fruit tree nursery with a difference, as we graft trees from the highly esteemed National Fruit Collection – one of the largest fruit collections in the world.

This means our fruit trees include a wide range of rare and heritage varieties.  Each tree that we graft that you take home is a little piece of history.

We care about our trees and our customers and offer all you need for successful growing in your space, no matter how large or small. We are experienced in tackling larger orchard projects as well as cutting edge city fruitscapes.


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If you are baffled by rootstocks or confused about pollination groups – never fear.  We are happy to work through all the options with you to find trees that are best suited to your space, soil and requirements. Full consultation service is available.  

Our extensive selection of trees and shrubs – all hand-grown by us – include apples, pears, apricots, cherries, crab apples, damsons, medlars, quinces and more.

As well as standard (free standing) trees, we also specialise in espaliers, stepovers and fan-trained trees.

The National Fruit Collection consists of over 4,000 varieties of fruit temperate trees, set in over 150 acres of orchards here at Brogdale Farm. The Collections are a living history and heritage of fruit.


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Bare Root Updated, April 2022.

 We are indeed very grateful for every order we have received so far and now unfortunately, we have sold through of all of our Bare Roots for this season. Of course we are taking orders for the next Winter.

For our customers who already have a Bare Root order placed with us,  we have now started sending out these orders  As we do not use chemicals to force the trees into dormancy we are at the mercy of the weather. This year due to the mild weather we did not start lifting the bulk of the trees until the beginning of March 2022 and continued working through the whole month in getting these trees out of the ground. We are working through all orders as quickly as possible and we will be in contact to let you know when your order is ready.

We thank you for your patience and hope you are  keeping well and safe.