12 Litre Cross Beam Press


SKU: 12 litre press


Vigo’s best selling press! Perfect for families and community groups.

Used with the classic crusher it’s very efficient and easy to use. 2 people can easily produce about 13.5 litres (3 gallons) of juice an hour with very little effort. The robust, cast iron cross beam swings to one side allowing you to crush directly into the bucket of the press. This makes filling and emptying extremely easy. Line the press basket with a straining bag or muslin, crush directly into the press basket using the classic crusher or the economy crusher, then press ready-strained juice!

The press basket will hold 11kg (24 lbs) of crushed fruit.

* 2 year guarantee
* Robust, cast iron base plate with lip supported on strong cast iron legs
* Legs can be bolted to a stand/table to achieve your comfortable working height
* Cast iron cross beams with threaded spindle and seasoned oak press plate attached
* Tough, food grade polyester coating
* Press cage made from sustainable oak staves guided by strong hoops
* Height: 57cm (22 1/2″) Cage diameter: 28cm (11″) Overall diameter: 43cm (17″) Weight: 29.4kg (65 lbs)

Delivery lead time 7-10 days