Pledge a tree


Pledge details

The details of who is making the pledge, the reason for the pledge and the place or organisation (eg School) that should receive the tree for planting.

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Thank you for supporting this valuable project

Our “Pledge a tree” product (at a discounted price of £15.00) can be donated to a school, community group (we also have a hospice that would very much like to create a fruit walkway) and so on.

Trees might be pledged in memory of a loved one, or perhaps to mark a special birthday or just because someone wants to help others. Businesses may like to get involved too. The pledged trees will be looked after by us and then delivered to the lucky recipients, trees will be selected by our team to meet the criteria of the recipient, taking space, soil type etc into consideration, so if it is a school we would use smaller rootstocks so children can actually pick the fruit, we would of course have a focus on rare and heritage varieties as that is always our primary concern.

We will record the “pledgers” details so that these details can be passed to the recipient, so for example if you pledge a tree in memory of Nan who died on the 28th December 2013, the tree will be a living memorial to her. We will also keep a record of pledged trees at Grow and will of course inform the “pledger” where their tree has been planted. All trees will be labelled too with the “pledgers” chosen name/details.