Tydemans Late Orange


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Raised in 1930 from Laxton’s Superb x Cox’s Orange Pippin by H M Tydeman at East Malling Research Station, Kent, UK. Introduced 1949.  A popular garden variety. Purplish red flush and stripes over greenish yellow skin. Cox-like flavour but a little sharper. Needs to be kept in storage for sharpness to mellow


Type –  Eater

Pick  –  October

Store  –  Dec to April

Group – D(4)

Pollination Partners

Bramley Original, Crispin, Discovery, Early Victoria, Elstar, Gala Queen, Galaxy, Granny Smith, George Cave, Greensleeves, Holstein, Kingston Black, Lanes Prince Albert, Millers Seedling, Newton Wonder, Peasgood Nonsuch, Pitmaston Pineapple, Queen Cox, Red Pippin (Fiesta), Sops in Wine, Sunset, SpartanSweet Alford, Tom Putt, Yarlington Mill, Ashmeads Kernal, Braeburn, Cornish Aromatic, Cornish Gilliflower, Dabinett,  Dumelows Seedling, Ellisons Orange, Hawthornden, Howgate Wonder, Jonared, Jonagold, James Greive, Laxtons Superb, Limelight, Lord Derby, Somerset Redstreak, Tydemans Early Worcester,  Court Pendu Plat, Edward VII, Herefordshire Redstreak, Gorgeous (Malus), Guardsman (Malus) John Downie (Malus) Pink Glow (Malus)