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About crab apple trees

About crab apple trees

Crab apples are a very popular choice among gardeners and there are several good reasons why. This blog tells you about crab apples and why you should be thinking about including a crab apple tree in your garden or open space.

Why crab apples are popular

Crab apples are currently enjoying a surge in popularity and quite rightly so for many good reasons.  They really do offer the most value, as their stunning and abundant blossom is quickly followed by plentiful fruits. These gorgeous crab apple fruits differ in shape size and colour, depending on variety.  Once fruiting has finished, their leaves change to the most striking shades of crimsons, reds and gold.  It is only in the depth of winter that crab apples take a rest, ready to spring into life once again in Spring.

Crab apple benefits

Many varieties are edible to humans and can be made into the quintessential crab apple jelly.

All varieties will attract wildlife, from moths and butterflies to birds of every type! Crab apples are often included in orchards or in situations where apple trees need to be pollinated.  Because they blossom for a long period, covering early to late blossoming apples, they are a valuable asset where pollination is an issue.

More information

The team at Grow at Brogdale are fruit tree experts and have lovely half standard crab apple trees at their nursery in Faversham – such as the beautiful John Downie crab apple in the pictures.

Please check out our shop on the website here.

For more advice and information on crab apples and any other fruit trees, please do contact us – contact details here.

About Grow at Brogdale

Grow at Brogdale is a specialist fruit tree nursery with a difference, as we graft trees from the highly esteemed National Fruit Collection – one of the largest fruit collections in the world.

This means our fruit trees include a wide range of rare and heritage varieties.  Each tree that we graft that you take home is a little piece of history

Our extensive selection of trees and shrubs – all hand-grown by us – include apples, pears, apricots, cherries, crab apples, damsons, medlars, quinces and more.

As well as standard (free standing) trees, we also specialise in espaliers, stepovers and fan-trained trees.