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Bush cherry trees – perfect for small outdoor areas

If you’re wondering what to plant in your small outdoor space – they why not consider a bush cherry tree?  These are a great idea for those who have limited space for a larger tree, but still want the benefit of an attractive feature in their garden and also trees that provide plenty of fruit.

We have selected four cherry bush trees which perfectly fit the bill.  Three are delicious dessert cherries and one a popular cooking variety.

Cherry bush tree details

The eventual height of a bush-trained tree will be between 2-3 metres from two to three years old.  Our bushes’ central leaders are pruned to approximately 1.2m.  From this point, side branches will grow eventually taking the shape of a ‘traditional tree’.  A gorgeous addition to any small outdoor space.

The benefits of cherry trees

The beauty of including cherry trees in your space is that not only do you get to enjoy beautiful blossom in the spring, but also a stunning display of red, shiny fruit in the summer, which taste delicious too!

Pre-order now

Our bush cherry trees are busy taking shape in our nurseries, but can be pre-ordered now ready for delivery in late spring or early summer.  See the details of the four bush cherries currently available to order from us below – along with links to our on-line shop.

Unique trees from Grow

Don’t forget our fabulous trees are unique as they are hand grafted by us from heritage trees in the National Fruit Collections at Brogdale.  Fruit trees don’t get more special than this!

Available to order now

Kordia Bush:  This is an attractive looking dessert cherry, that produces black cherries. The fruits are extremely juicy with a rich sweet flavour. It is very reliable when it comes to cropping as it produces lots of fruits ready for July.

Morello Bush: Morello cherries (also known as, the Sour Cherry) are perfect for making, pies, jams and our personal favourite, cherry gin & vodka!

It is very hardy and a reliable cropper. In the spring, Morello produces an abundance of show stopping white blossoms and are suitable for planting in any aspect.

Napoleon Bigarreau Bush: An old fashioned variety, often known as Naps, is an excellent white dessert cherry with a shiny finish.  Ready to pick in late July and August.

Stella Bush: Stella is a gorgeous dessert cherry that produces deep red fruits that are juicy and sweet.

Pre-order on-line via our website here.

As it’s a self-fertile variety, you only need to plant one in order to have abundant crop. If however you would like more than cherry tree, Stella works as a great pollinator for many other Cherry varieties.

It is a winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit, 1968.